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Andrew Stevens

800 N. Grant St. #26
Bloomington, IN 47408
phone: (812) 334-8957
E-mail: andrew AT 4serendipity.com


Indiana University: School of Library and Information Science, Bloomington, Indiana
Specialist in Library and Information Science.
  Concentration in User-Oriented Internet/Network Services and User-Oriented Information Architecture/Interactive Design.

Indiana University: School of Library and Information Science, Bloomington, Indiana
Master of Information Science.
  Concentration in User-Oriented Internet/Network Services and User-Oriented Information Architecture/Interactive Design.

Ohio University: Athens, Ohio
Graduate work in Philosophy.

Ohio University: Athens, Ohio
B.A. Creative Writing.

Work Experience:

Indiana University Library: Information Commons. August 2004 - Present.
Reference Assistant.
Provided in-person, telephone, and Internet-based (email and chat) reference to a diverse University clientele. Instructed library clientele in the effective use of online databases and research strategies. Troubleshot basic information technology problems.

Indiana University: School of Library and Information Science. November 2003-present.
Co-managed a large, database-backed (PHP/PostgresQL) website. Updated and revised site content. Examined, critiqued and upgraded site with regards to current web and accessibility standards. Digitized audio and video materials for Web-based delivery. Helped with online aspects of School marketing plan.

Indiana State University. September 2001 - April 2003.
Website Coordinator.
Developed templates for a redesigned university web site that complied current W3C recommendations, allowed for greater consistency within the site, permitted easy adoption among university departments. Wrote and edited sections of the university web style guidelines. Taught web design classes to a diverse university audience. Created Accessibility guidelines and educated university staff about their importance. Participated in numerous web-related committees.

Open Directory Project. March 2001 - present.
Category Editor.
Reviewed site submissions for a large web directory. Checked existing site descriptions against directory guidelines. Participated in discussions regarding the ontology and organization of the directory.

Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction, Bloomington, IN May 2000 - June 2002
Web Specialist
Interviewed clients to ascertain design and functionality requirements. Blueprinted, designed, and implemented online interactive surveys and data management scripts. Documented the surveys' functionality and maintenance procedures. Performed web promotion and search engine optimization.

Association of College Unions International, Bloomington, IN, Janurary 2000 - May 2000
Webmaster Internship
Worked with a multidisciplinary team to provide CGI programming, usability evaluations, interaction design, browser compatibility testing, and web development for a medium-large web site. Constructed online membership applications. Developed architectural blueprints and designed interaction for selected sub-sites. Designed next year's conference web site. Performed security audit of existing web applications.

Indiana University: School of Library and Information Science, Bloomington, IN, August 1998 - August 2000
Computer Lab Consultant
Assisted patrons in the use of Windows NT, Macintosh, and UNIX platforms and numerous software applications. Helped faculty set up and operate instructional technology. Assisted in the management and administration of Windows NT LAN. Solved hardware and software problems. Produced instructional documentation and FAQs for the department's and University's IT resources. Specialized in the support of web development technologies and software applications.

Indiana University: Main Library, Kent Cooper Room, Bloomington, IN, August 1998 - August 2000
Periodical Room Attendant
Assisted patrons in the finding of research materials, the development of research strategies, and helped oversee the library's large serial collection. Provided bibliographic instruction for Indiana University Library's diverse online resources. Helped maintain the library OPAC's (NOTIS) serials records.

Walden University Library Liaison, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, June - July 1998/July 2000
Reference Assistant
Instructed students in research strategies, research tools, information retrieval, controlled vocabularies, and searching techniques. Aided students with computer problems. Troubleshot LAN, World Wide Web, computer applications, and printers.

Freelance Web Design and Website Evaluation. Bloomington, IN, Jan 1998-present.

IU Black Film Center/Archive, Bloomington IN, April 1998-August 1998.
Identified, organized, and labeled films and film fragments. Created classification and organizational schemes to facilitate access and retrieval of archived materials.

Ohio Historical Society. Columbus, OH September 1996-August 1997.
Archive Volunteer.
Researched and responded to patrons' requests for Ohio death records. Provided technical support for patrons using microfilm readers.


L571 Information Architecture for the Web, January-May 1999; January-May 2000, Assistant
Provided technical assistance to students learning intermediate HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Helped troubleshoot students' projects.
Class website: http://www.slis.indiana.edu/hrosenba/www/L571/syll/intro.html

L401 Computer-Based Information Tools, June-Aug 1999, Lab Instructor
Instructed students in the use of various applications, operating systems, and Web development. Collaborated with Lecture Instructor in the choosing of topics and readings for the class.
Class website: http://www.slis.indiana.edu/syllabi/summerII_1999/L401_beveridge.html

HCI/Usability/Information Architecture Skills:

  • Experience using a fully-equipped usability lab (Screen capture, AV mixer, and video editing).
  • Awareness of and experience with numerous HCI/Usability/Information Architecture methods including: User needs analysis, user profiling, contextual inquiry, heuristic evaluation, cognitive walkthroughs, formal usability inspection, and the creation of performance measures and benchmarks.
  • Experience authoring usability evaluation plans and usability test reports
    A sample test report can be seen at https://www.4serendipity.com/resume/webbrain.html
  • I've also produced information architecture deliverables, including evaluations, flowcharts, and blueprints.

Computer Skills:

Operating systems: DOS, Windows 3.x, 9x and NT 4, Mac OS, UNIX (HP UX, LINUX, and Solaris)

Programming and Web Development: Expert-level HTML, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, PERL, XML/SGML, SQL, and VBA.  Experience with Allaire Cold Fusion, ASP, and PHP.

Other Applications: Many, including: MS Office, Corel Word Perfect Suite, Macromedia web development apps, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe GoLive, Adobe Acrobat, Allaire Homesite, SPSS, Equilibrium DeBabelizer, and PGP (a complete list of the software titles I provide support for can be found at: http://www.slis.indiana.edu/technology/labs.html)


Information NetworkingHuman-Computer Interaction
User-Centered Database DesignOrganization and Representation of Knowledge and Information
Electronic Commerce Introduction to Research and Statistics
Metadata (Dublin Core and RDF) Usability Testing
Information Sources and Services Library Automation
Government InformationA number of rare books/special collections-related classes

Professional Organizations and Professional Activity:

Selected Publications:


Available upon request