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XML Links

General XML Info

XML Info and XSL Info
These James Tauber sites provide a wide range of XML information.
The XML Files @ WebDeveloper.com
A selection of articles that have appeared at webdeveloper.com and other internet.com-affiliated sites. Don't overlook the links to "Top XML Resources" at the bottom of the page.
WDVL XML Articles and Tutorials
CNET'spotlight on XML
A selection of XML and XML-related (XHTML, SVG, SMIL) tutorials.
XML finetuning.com
A nice list of XML standards, tutorials, and links to outside sources.
DeveloperWork's XML Zone
This IBM XML portal is a great place for XML news, lists of XML tools, and XML articles that are typically of a more advanced nature.
XML Zone
An XML portal that contains links to news, articles, newsgroups, and sites concerned with XML.
XML guru Michael Floyd's home page.
XML.com - The Annotated XML Specification
The title says it all.
Welcome to XML Magazine
A new XML magazine.
ZVON.org XML tutorial
Graphic Communications Association - GCA Xml FILES
A list of back issues of CGA'a xml magazine.
XML at the Open Directory
Another large list of XML links
XML at Yahoo
Yahoo's two cents on XML.
HotBot Directory- XML-
A nice list of resources dealing with all things XML.
About.com's XML Net Links
One more general collection of XML links.

Some specific XML articles

Four Reasons You're Gonna Love XML
A feature from Jesse Berst'sAnchorDeskexplaining some of the practical benefits of XML.
XML and How it Will Change the Web.
A brief article explaining the benefits of XML.
BUILDER.COM - Web Authoring - 20 questions on XML
An informational article answering 20 common questions about XML, its implementation, and its support.
XML for the absolute beginner - JavaWorld April 1999
A nice explanatory article that includes a good collection of links to outside sources.

XSL/XSLT resources

VBXML.com's XSLT reference
An excellent listing of the XSLT support implemented in the various Microsoft XML parsers.
XSL Transformations
An updated version of the XSL chapter ofThe XML Bible. Now refers to the November 16, 1999 W3 recommendation. A pretty comprehensive treatment.
XSLT in Netscape Gecko
A brief tutorial with examples of how to use XSLT for client-side XML transformation in Gecko-based browsers, such as Netscape 7 or Mozilla.
Crane Softwrights Ltd. - Training
Crane offers a free ebook on XPath and XSLT.
XML Pitstop XSLT Stylesheet library
A large selection of XSLT examples.
ZVON XSLT tutorial
A quality XSLT introduction. Includes a large XSLT reference.
VBXML's XSLT tutorial
A clearly written introduction to XSLT.
What is XSLT?, Getting started with XSLT and XPath , Getting started with XSLT and XPath II, and Getting started with XSLT and XPath III
A series of articles by G. Ken Holman serve as an excellent introduction to XSLT and XPath.
Jen's XSLT pages
A nice selction of XSLT tutorials and examples.
Converting XML to HTML using XSL - The Web Developer's Journal
A brief article on XSLT by Benoît Marchal, the author of XML by Example. Uses LotusXSL (an earlier version of Xalan) to transform an XML document.
Building Documents with XML, XSL, and CSS
Scott Isaacs walks you through the styling of a document using both CSS and XSLT together. The example uses the IE5 implementation of XML/XSL. The final product can be seen here. The stylesheet Isaacs uses is here.
Understanding XSLT- Webmonkey.com
A good introduction to XSLT. Uses the IE5 implementation of XML/XSL.
On Display: XML Web Pages with Internet Explorer 5.x
Simon St. Laurent's XML.com article examining the XML support in IE5. He also has similar articles looking at the XML support in both Mozilla and Opera.
Exploring XML - The Browser War continued - WebReference.com
This article outlines and compares Mozilla's (In this case Milestone build 12) and IE5's XML support.
XSL Developer's Guide
Microsoft's outline of IE5's XSL support. Includes XSL Working Draft Conformance Notes for IE's XML implementation.
Getting Started with XSLT Outlines MSXML 3.0's XSLT support. Includes XSLT and XPath Conformance Notes.
Getting Started with Microsoft's new XML parser

XML Schema resources

Validating XML
A detailed review of both XML Schema and RELAX
XML Schema 2001 and Relax NG Tutorial
Another quality ZVON tutorial.
W3School's XML Schema Tutorial
An introduction to XML Schema and data types.
W3C XML Schema Made Simple
A brief introduction to XML Schema. Includes useful usage guidelines.
Understanding W3C Schema Complex Types
An easy to understand introduction to complex types.

XML Data Binding resources

MS XML 3.0: Binding The XML Data Source Object To Data
XML data binding with data types
Fun With Data Binding
XML in Data Islands