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XML Tools

XML Browsers

The basic XML editing set up (with MSXML)

IE 5, or IE6, and a text editor.
Recommended upgrades include MSXML 4 and Internet Explorer Tools for Validating XML and Viewing XSLT Output as well as a text editor that displays line and/or column numbers. Also, be sure to check out the Unofficial MSXML XSLT FAQ.

Some good FREE text editors are:

  • NoteTab light
    A very nice free, feature-rich text editor.
  • tsWebEditor
    Another good, free text editor. Supports syntax highlighting for many different languages.
  • Editpad Lite
    A small (310k download) Notepad replacement.
  • MetaPad
    A simple, free text editor with a number of nice features.
  • Win32Pad
    A very compact (16k) text editor.
  • NotepadEX
    Another one.

These last few are really more than basic text editors, but they, too, are free.

  • HTML-Kit
    A nice editor with a number of handy features
    A nice editor that integrates the CSE validator and HTML Tidy (a code correction utility).Web Review's evaluation of HTML-Kit.
  • Programmer's File Editor
    An older, no longer supported but still quality editor.
  • 1st page 2000
    This program (A Homesite clone) has many cool features and is an incredible deal.
  • Arachnophilia
    A rather light weight, but still very good, editor that does a good job converting text documents to html.
  • HTML Coder Pro
    Another impressive free HTML editor.
  • BBEdit Lite
    The premier Mac HTML editor's freeware version.

Shareware Text editors

Other XSLT processors

Many XSLT processors are available.

One of the easier processors to use on a Windows machine is Instant Saxon.

XML-specific shareware/freeware editors

These tools are specifically designed for XML and provide a number of useful features.

  • XML Writer
    A nice shareware XML editor. Among its many features are: validation, well formedness checking, syntax highlighting, output preview, and an XML quick reference. A 30 day trial version can be downloaded from the site.
    screen shots
  • XML Spy
    Another shareware editor. I haven't used the latest version, but it looks good. Again, a 30 day trial version is available.
    screen shots
  • EXml
    A free document tree-based editor XML editor.
  • XML Notepad
    Microsoft's document tree-based XML editor validates and is free.