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Internet Demographics and Statistics

Browser New's browser stats
A nice collection of free browser stats from varying sources.

Google Zeitgeist
Included in this statistical summary of Google's usage is a chart of the browser used to access the site.

Stat Market
A once free service that now charges a large sum of money for full access of its Internet statistics. However, the site still offers a few tidbits for free.

Mycomputer.com's WebSnapshot
Another once-free service that now charges for access to its stats.

Internet Software Consortium - Internet Domain Survey

The Counter's global stats
A collection of stats from sites that use a popular hit counter. Includes browser, OS, screen resolution, and JavaScript stats.

Internet Stats
A nice listing of Internet stat sites.

What's that Site Running
A handy utility from Netcraft that queries a website and reports its operating system and the webserver being used.

GVU Center's WWW User Surveys
While these surveys are a little outdated (the latest is dated October 1998), they are still widely sited as some of the most important Internet demographics studies.

Other Sites of interest

Nua Internet Surveys

eLab Home Page

Zona Research - Browser Study

Browser News Statistics - find the browser stats you want to know

Slow Modems Still Dominate Home Internet Scene

WebBusiness - Metrics

Content Analysis Site Map

Jupiter Communications

Forrester Research