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Search Engine Information

Gregg Notess Web Site
Gregg Notess, a columist at Online magazine, has links to his writings, Online's search engine news, and Search Engine Showdown (containing Reviews, search features, statistics, and comparisons).

Search Engine Guide
A large list of search engines and web directories. Includes a good archive of links to search engine news.

A nice, categorized listing of search engines.

Traffick contains extensive links to all things related to search engines and web searching.

Search Engine Guide
This site, despite being rather dated (last update was apparently Dec. 1998), contains a good amount of information that remains relevant.

Proteus Internet Search

Voyuer Fantomaster

SearchIQ reviews and rates general and specialty search engines as well as web directories and meta search sites.

Beaucoup! 2,000+ Search Engines, Indices and Directories
This site truly contains beaucoup links to search sites.

The All in One Search Page
This page provides a nice interface to over 500 engines and directories.

A guide to search engine guides.

The Search Emergency Strategies for Taming the Billion-Page Web
Jesse Berst reports on some of the stategies (human intelligence, Relevance technology, and index size) being employed to improve search engine performance.

CNET.com: Web search results still have human touch
Reports on the increasing use of human editors over computers to complie and edit search results.

Size of the Web, Web Size, Search Engine Coverage and Recency [Steve Lawrence, Lee Giles, NEC Research Institute]
Steve Lawrence and C. Lee Giles' widely cited study concerning search engines' coverage of the web.

Accessibility and Distribution of Information on the Web [Steve Lawrence, Lee Giles, NEC Research Institute]
Another, more recent, Lawrence/Giles site details their more recent examineation of search engine coverage.

Counting Angels on a Pinhead: Critically Interpreting Web Size Estimates-- by Michael Dahn --ONLINE, January 2000
Dahn criticizes the frequent misinterpretation of the Lawence and Giles' findings.

Graph structure in the web
Andrei Broder, et al.
The study of the web as a graph is not only fascinating in its own right, but also yields valuable insight into web algorithms for crawling, searching and community discovery, and the sociological phenomena which characterize its evolution. We report on experiments on local and global properties of the web graph using two Altavista crawls each with over 200 million pages and 1.5 billion links. Our study indicates that the macroscopic structure of the web is considerably more intricate than suggested by earlier experiments on a smaller scale.

'Map' of Web Reveals Connectivity Flaws
By Mary Hillebrand
E-Commerce Times
May 12, 2000

Clever Prject Overview

Quick Reference Guide to Internet Search Engine Syntax

Searching for Mr. Burrito

BBC News Sci-Tech The WWW is very big but not very wide

BBC News Sci-Tech Web engines could do better

Scientific American Feature Article: Hypersearching the Web June 1999
Article by CLEVER project members highlighting the failures of current engines and ways to make the search engines of the future better.

It's a Web, Web, Web, Web World
Fast Compnay article


Another word tracking site. Publishes a weekly newsletter detailing the weeks top 200 words.

Narrowing the Search on the Web
Industry Standard -- March 20, 2000