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General Internet Marketing Sites

Association of Internet Marketing Professionals
A new site recently started by Internet marketers containing various tutorials.

Search Engine Watch
Danny Sullivan's site is the most prominent source on the web for search engine information and search engine-related news

Search Engine World By Webmasters For Webmasters
Brett Tabke's site is essential reading for anyone interested in Search Engines. Includes frequently updated SE news links.

Virtual Promote
One of the most important Internet Marketing sites on the web. Includes JimTools, which contains some useful tools (search engine/FFA submitter, meta tag generator, link validator, and position checker).

Webmaster T's Search Engine Secrets
This site provides in depth coverage of search engine positioning, including specific secrets for performing well in each of the major engines.

Free web site promotion tips from Cre8pc.
Kim Krause's site provides a number of tutorials and articles covering such search engine-related topics as meta tags, site submission, smart use of keywords, marketing for link popularity, etc.

This "shareservice" site offers free information, advice, and tools for the webmaster with the option of purchasing higher levels of service for a small ($10) fee. This site is less prone to technospeak than some of the others.

Internet Marketing Center



Internet Marketing Tips

MarketPosition Newsletter
A monthly search engine and Internet marketing newsletter.

WebPromote Weekly

Web Marketing Today
An Internet marketing newsletter.

Submit Express Newsletter
A monthly newsletter.

1st Place Ranking
1st Place Ranking is a search engine placement service. Their site includes a simple explanation ofsearch engine cloaking.

Search Engines Tips
A brief list of tips provided by the makers of Top Dog Search Engine Analyzer/Submitter.


Search Engine World's Search Engine Support Chart
This page lists the major engine's support of various HTML features (i.e. meta tags, alt text, framesets, etc.).

The Web Marketing Checklist 26 Ways to Promote Your Site
An in-depth checklist that starts with choosing a page's title and finished with affiliate programs and viral marketing.  This is an excellent primer on the basics of marketing and positioning a site.

Get More Hits By Understanding Search Engines
A brief outline of basic strategies for search engine placement.

Standing Tall in Search Engines - webreview.com

Secrets To Search Engine Success
April 17, 2000

The Down and Dirty Guide to Search Engine Positioning.
InternetDay -- Sept. 21, 1999

Strategies for Indexing and Search Engines
This is chapter 43 from Html Unleased is a bit dated (1997), but it does a good job of covering the basics.

Ask Nettie: Sites Unseen.
Industry Standard -- March 6, 2000

4 Evil Search Engine Myths

Doorway Pages Go Mainstream

Web Site Promotion Guide
A collection of Web promotion articles that have appeared at Web Developer's Journal.

Search Engine Forums

WebMaster World Forum
These forums are hosted by Search Engine World and, while not as heavily trafficked as some of the other listed here, it is an excellent source of advice. The forum solely dedicated to spider identification is particularly noteworthy.

Open Directory Project Public Forum
A great place to get all of your ODP questions answered.

Cre8asite Forums
A new, but promising forum.

Search Engine Forums
This could very well could be the most heavily trafficked search engine optimization forum out there.

Get High Forums
This is the parent site of searchenginefourms.com. It contains more general Internet marketing discussions.

IHelpYou Forums
Yet another set of quality, heavily-trafficked forums.

Search Engine Matrix
This forum is heavily trafficked by porn webmasters, but the discussions apply to any site.

Search Engine Discussion
A relatively new but promising forum. Its Open Directory Project discussions are particularly strong.

MarketPostionTalk.com - Search Engine Marketing and Web Marketing Discussions
This site is hosted by the makers of Web Position Gold, but it has much to offer to those who don't own or use their software. The forum is top notch.



Links to You



Link Attack


Goto's search term suggestion tool

iBoost's Keyword Generator

Submit Your URL to the WebStep Top 100 Free Listings
Links to the top 100 places to submit a site to.

Linkstation's Free URL Submission Service

Keyword Counter - Keyword Frequency Analyzer
This site offers a free tool to analyze one of the lesser known factors in gaining good placement in engines, namely keyword frequency.


Spider IP Addresses
A good list of the IP numbers and hosts for the major search engines' spiders.

The Web Robots Pages
A nice, if somewhat outdated, source of robot and spider-related information.

Spider Hunter
This site is a great collection of spider and cloaking information. Includes a great "Tools of the Trade" page, containing online Whois, NSLookup, Reverse DNS Lookup, Trace Rout, and Ping.



Netcraft Web Server Survey