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Web Development Links

Please excuse all of the broken links, these are from a rather old dump of my bookmarks.


Web Building - Authoring & Site Design - WAP Up Your Site
xmlhack A new WAP simulator online
Intranet Design Magazine® The Wireless Intranet Part III
Web Review.com February 16, 2001 Setting WAP MIME Types for Microsoft IIS and Apache
WebReview.com February 23, 2001 Preparing Your Site for WAP (I)
ZDNet Help & How-To Adapt your Web site to mobile devices

style guides

Guide to Web Style Welcome
The Foundations of Web Design
Hot Design Tips
Site Optimization Tutorial
HTML Validation
Viewable With Any Browser
Web Authoring FAQ (WDG)
Web Design Guide - Tutorials - Build A Faster Web Site - DreamInk
The Sevloid Guide to Web Design
Webmaster - Web Writing Style Resources
Web Site Development Information, Good Site Design Practices


About.com JavaScript Tutorial - From About.com
November 17, 1999 - Browsing the History List
Java Script Redirects - Search Engine Forums at JimWORLD
Free JavaScript Learning Center - A Beginners Course - Tutorial
JavaScript Mall for Webmasters - Free Scripts, Learning, Tutorials, Resources, and Help
Story Three Tools Can Make JavaScripting a Snap
Web Resources Tutorials JavaScript Screen Resolution Detector 2
What New in JavaScript 1.3
DevEdge Online - Online JavaScript Reference Manual
Documentation JavaScript
The JavaScript Apostle
Scammed e-mail address demo
FAQ . . . comp.lang.javascript . . . Version 6.26 - 2000-10-11
JavaScript Browser Sniffer WebToolz - WebReference.com
JavaScript Source Free JavaScripts, Tutorials, Example Code, Reference, Resources, And Help
JavaScript for the World Wide Web Visual QuickStart Guide, 3rd Edition
Nic's JavaScript Page - containing free javascript examples.
The Complete Idiot's Guide to JavaScript, Table of Contents
The JavaScript Source Forms Checkbox Text
Web site Abstraction Advanced JavaScript Tutorials
Preloading Images
Microsoft Scripting Technologies
Matt Kruse's Javascript Tree


XHTML – An Introduction with Examples
Integrated Design Squeaky Clean Markup (Web Techniques, May 2000)



articles and white papers

Rational whitepaper Building Web Solutions with the Rational Unified Process Unifying the Creative Design Process and the Sof


ZDTV Web Workshop Crunch Your Graphics for the Web
ZDTV Photoshop Tricks
webreview.com - PNG, SVG, and JPEG 2000—New Image Format Standards
webreview.com - JPEG 2000—More Than New Millennium Buzz
Giordan on Graphics Web Design with Photoshop, Digital Cameras & Animation - Webreference.com
SPINWAVE -- GIF and JPEG Compression and Optimization
Laurie McCanna's complete list of Photoshop tutorials
Ultimate Photoshop Tips Effects, Special
ScreamDesign - Free Buttons
Welcome to Ticks on Trips
The Ultimate Compendium of Adobe Photoshop Sites (maybe)
ZyWeb Registration
ZDNet Create Logos in WordArt -- PC Magazine Solutions
ITgraphics home page
lynda.com - web design training, books, videos and tips
CoolText.com ctext_button
Tips and Techniques
CoolText.com Online Graphics Generator
ZDNet News JPEG 2000 to give the Web a new image
Nebulus Designs - Free web graphics, javascript, discussion forums, and graphics tutorials
Yahoo Internet Life! - Ask the Surf Guru - November 19, 1999
KitGraphics - Free Web Page Graphics Seamless Background Textures, Pages Sets, Interfaces, Buttons and more. Photoshop Tutoria
Creating Web Graphics
15 Favorite Graphic Design Resources - Web Design
KODAK Picture Playground online
Favicon.com - the java icon generator
Adobe Store - Adobe Magazine
Ignite the web!
Site Optimization Tutorial
Brian Hall ColorServe
The Pixel Foundry
Digital Quest  . Net
Death of the Websafe Color Palette
WebReview.com Fireworks 2 Tutorial Disjointed Rollovers
CNET Builder.com - Voices - Tag Mania - Nefarious Backgrounds - 11-8-99
So, You Want To Pre-Load, Huh
TheTutorialSite.com free Adobe Photoshop, Flash, HTML, PSP and more tutorials!
PhotoShop Tutorial Links by Type


BlueChip addurl Free For All Link Page
Free For All Link Page
High Traffic Free For All Link Sites
Free Links - Vast City - Free Entertainment and Information E-zine - City Shop
Arkesini, the web entrepreneur's best resource including SubmitWolf Pro
Free .de
ffa page list
Cognigen Telcom and Business Links
Empire Resources - Small Business Marketing Support Services
fortytwo & Only Free For All Links
Ezee Net Publishing - Free Links Page
Would you like to make money on the Internet Free For All Links Page
Announce Your Site!
Web Page Promotion - Various Links To Free Advertising!
The WebAlias Network presents Stop People From Posting Trashing Your FFA Page with ht at badpostings.learn.to-
All links top
FREE 4 Alls, plus Reciprocal, Banner, Button Links Exchange DataBase!
AMAZING Free For All Links [Version 3]
Too Cool's Leave-a-Link Index
HELLO WORLD Free For All Pages - [Version 3] - Introduce Your Site To The World!
Working Demo
FFANET.COM - the world's largest network of FFA Pages!
You Will Receive $25 To Join FREE !!!
Zoid's Free For All Links

server stuff

site monitoring

Open Directory - Computers Software Internet Site Management Monitoring
QWK.Mon Web Site Uptime Monitoring
FREE Web Site Monitoring at ServerRat
IPSentry Network Monitoring Software and Server Monitoring Software - Home

Computing.Net - Windows 9x Forum
Information you get from log files
Monitoring the Server's Status
Web Server Manual - Unix Web Server
Microsoft Personal Web Server Resources
Server-side Includes (SSI)
Eclipse Webmaster Support
User-Agent games with HTTP protocol
404 -custom- Ethos Online Article
ZmeY soft products (list)
Apache The Definitive Guide -- Server Side Includes
Apache Week. The essential free resource for users of the world's most popular web server.
Find broken links on your site with Xenu's Link Sleuth (TM)
Apache Today - Apache Guide Advanced SSI Techniques
BigNoseBird.Com's Server Side Include Page ( SSI)
artsackett.com grey paper SSI for the Rest Of Us
Apache Tutorials
Snowalert by Snowblazer
Customize Your 404 Error Message


PHPBuilder.com - Snippet Library
php UsersOnline
Angora Software ScriptViewer
[TEP] t h e . e x c h a n g e . p r o j e c t
http--www.persson.tm-scripts-news lister-list.txt
NUNE News Script -- Mmmmm... yeah... mmmmm
WebmasterBase - Building a Database-Driven Web Site Using PHP and MySQL
Kill-9's PHP and MySql site
PHP Example Scripts


Extending Dreamweaver
HTMASC Screen Shots
Marjolein's Help for HomeSite Users
WebTV Viewer
Available downloads
HowToUltraDEV dot COM
KeyScreen Previewer (Keyscreen.com) - Web Edit Tools
Apps used- Internet World Home Page main frame
PHP4Hs HomeSite-PHP Add-on's and Resources
Unofficial HomeSite Repository Front Page
Ultradev Extensions dot com
project fireworks
xat.com WebSpeed Optimizer and personal web server
WebReview.com Fireworks 2 Tutorial Disjointed Rollovers
ActiveState - Products - Komodo - Summary
Internet World Magazine Demanding Clients Are Driving Innovation - November 1, 1999


Style Master Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Editor
Style Sheets
Index DOT Css Index Page
Cascading Style Sheets CSS1, CSS2 References, Resources, Links
Guide to Cascading Style Sheets
Ian Hickson's Evil Test Suite
Demos - mozillaZine
JavaScript - Build it - Cascading Style Sheets
D e v G u r u - A Developer's Resource
Perfecting Style
Resource Detail and Discussion #1650


Builder Buzz - Does a working DHTML tree for navigation exist -
DFX Home
PWA Web Architects
www.bratta.com - A Dynamic HTML site - The home of freelance Webdesigner Thomas Brattli
xFX JumpStart DHTML Menu Builder Product Description
DHTML Zone - Resources
DHTML Menu Builder Home Page - Software Blast!
DHTML Shock - Site Navigation
DHTML Shock - Free Dynamic HTML and JavaScript
The JavaScript Menu Object
CodeLifter.com - JavaScript Amazing Frameless Peeker Popup Window Script



HTML Validation Using a Custom DTD
Validation Bookmarklets

Abscissa Tech
IE scroll bar color
Virtual Webmaster Guide -- Offers Virtual HTML tools, tutorials, guides, icons, buttons, arrows, tips, designs, FAQ and librari
Aspects, technologies and trends in web site design
How do they do that with HTML
PageTutor.com - HTML Tutorials, Javascript and Web Design pagetutor.com
Expandable Graphics Demo
Make rounded table corners -- Freesources.net
About.com http--www.playingwithfire.com-shapes-shapes.html
Design Studio
Scroll bar color
Changing Text Color Dynamically (in both browsers)
WDVL The WDVL's Discussion List FAQ
Online References from The XHTML 1.0 Web Development Sourcebook
HTML HyperText Markup Language
Blythe Systems-NY Transfer Web Design Help
Occasional Demonstrations - Web Development, Design and HTML
Web Graphics Browser Compatability
CNET Builder.com - Voices - Tag Mania - Flexible Table Manners - 10-25-99
The Trick to Rounded Corner Tables


Website Resources
Webmasters Guide
Free Webmaster Tools
DevShed - The Open Source Web Development Site
ArticleCentral.com - The Content Directory For Web Professionals
Web Design Gallery and Design Resource Digitalthread
Virtual Webmaster Guide -- Offers Virtual HTML tools, tutorials, guides, icons, buttons, arrows, tips, designs, FAQ and libraries, to assist you in creating homepages on the World Wide Web..
Tools For The.Net by JimWORLD
HTML Toolchest
HTML Resources
FreeLinks Resources for Webmasters
Ethos Online - Free webmaster resources
EchoEcho.Com - HTML tutorial - javascript tutorial - flash tutorial - online resources - free programs, cgi, tools, graphics, a
Lhp Web Tools and HostingSubmit to search engines, build website, hosting.
Web Design Guide - Tutorials - Build A Faster Web Site - DreamInk
Tools For The . Net by JimWORLD
The Webmasters Directory
TABLES-Occasional Demonstrations - Web Development, Design and HTML
Absolutely Free Webmaster Tools and Meta Search Engines
Download Handouts from Thunder Lizard Events
Get More from your Website - Articles
E-zine with Tutorials, References and Resources for Html Marketing,Promotion and Search Engine Placement
Web By Design
AnyBrowser.com - Your Source for Browser Compatibility Verification
PageResource.Com- by The Web Design Resource
Development topic (from Lookoff.com)
HTMLPro.com - HTML Tutorials, References, and Forums
Zeal.com - Internet & Computers - Programming - Languages
WebBuilder101.com Your Internet and web building resource site. Tutorials, Scripts, Reviews and more!
EchoEcho.Com - HTML tutorial - javascript tutorial - flash tutorial - cgi, online tools, graphics, applets - learn it all here.
eFront Webmasters Home
Web Design Help
Freelinks Internet business news for web site owners and web developers
SiteExperts.com - Your Community of Site Experts

Galaxy Trade Magazines
Neat Net Tricks
The Whole Ed Catalog - Web Guide
ZDNet Small Business
Amazon.com buying info Html Artistry More Than Code
Webmonkey Reference Special Characters
magicfolio ~ Family Service Agencies
Free Web-Based Tools CNET Builder.com - Web Authoring - - 7-13-99
Welcome to vivid studios
Back to Basics META Tags - WebDeveloper.com ®
Caching Tutorial for Web Authors and Webmasters
The Complete HTML Teacher
WDVL Web Site Design
Devsearch Web Developer's Search Site
Northern Webs - North Idaho's Premier Web Design Studio
Webmasters' Dreams Come Truetop search engine positioning,cloaking technology,security enhancements for your site
About.com http--dreamink.com-speed2.html
Developer.com Ask the Experts HTML Images
WebZard - Home Page-- free html editor
WebDevGuide.com - The Web Development Guide - Welcome
WebReview.com Giving Your Characters Character
tobyx.com w e b d e s i g n
CNET Builder.com - Voices - SuperScripter
ZDNet d e v e l o p e r Popups
page 8 byzantium
eBoz! Your Guide To Creating Successful Websites
developer's daily home
Search Page 7 Web Design and Style Resources from Windweaver
Lynx Viewer
Absolutely Free Webmaster Tools and Resources
HTML Tip Making a Wild Card Column Width
Site Optimization Tutorial
The Death-to-Download Ratio
Professional Web Design & HTML Tutorials
InteracticMedia Cool Books
Web Stuff
Amazon.com Beginning Web Development Bookshelf
Index DOT Html and Index DOT Css THE Advanced HTML-CSS References
eBORcOM Web Development Resources