October 12, 2003

Developers POed with Microsoft

Cnet reports that Developers gripe about IE standards inaction | CNET News.com. If you're a developer this is no news to you.

At one point Internet Explorer had arguably the best standards support of any browser. Unfortunately, this was 1999, and Microsoft has done very little since then to further support key web standards.

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October 03, 2003

Mozilla needs spelling

A few months ago I mentioned a handy browser form spell checker, ieSpell. Currently there is an open challenge at sourcesupport to create an application similar to ieSpell for Mozilla. Speaking personally, ieSpell is one main reasons why I still use IE at all. Having similar functionality on Mozilla would be great.

A working Mozilla spell-checker has been posted in the Mozillazine forums
by Torisugari.

Update: 2004.06.18

I've posted a note on how to get the spell check extension working in Firefox 0.9.

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